About Lunatek®

Lunatek was founded in 2013.

Lunatek has expertise in many technology fields and are qualified and experienced in everything from Electronic device repair and servicing through to Cyber Security, IT-ICT, Social Media , we hold certification and qualification from many of the World's leading technology companies covering Electronics repair and service through to Operating systems, Apple and Microsoft, Linux, Unix, Networks and software solutions and are qualified Social media and marketing proficient and much more besides. 

We will provide a qualified honest answer to your enquiries and ensure you receive the best service we can offer.

We also provide high quality contracted Support, Service and Warranty and Non Warranty repair for AV Minelab throughout Europe and also within the Untied Kingdom taking over after the closure of the service centre in Ireland.

We are always interested in hearing from potential new business partners around the world and ​are interested in working further with the following territories specifically those in electronics manufacturing and supply and can offer a complete package of services allowing access to these markets and future extended markets the United Kingdom will offer. 

Do you require a dedicated distributor in the United Kingdom​, get in touch.

We are able to offer fully managed service and system, from import to stock control, logistics and distribution.

Europe, USA, China, Asia ​

Our Business services

Electronics service and repair, ​Consultancy, Sales of electronic equipment. ICT and Software, Equipment and acessories sales

We are proud to say through provisioning of high level integrated systems and support services throughout our business we ensure a fast and responsive experience. 

Alex Kirk
Technical Director / Electronics Engineer / ICT / Detectorist

Specialised service and repair of electronic equipment

Minelab Metal Detector Repair & Service

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Consumer and Business Technology services

Cyber-security - Affordable ICT Services in South Devon UK

Custom Detector shafts - Coming soon

Conservation and Restoration products

Media and affiliate marketing

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