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Excalibur Modifications

Diving and rough water coil mod to adapt the Excalibur to accept modified removable coils 

These are high quality mod​ which allows switching of your coils on the Excalibur and exceeds manufacturer's specifications no short cuts and this is reflected in the service and price

We can modify your Excalibur metal detector and modify your compatible coils enabling dry swap of the coils, yes now you can really use a larger coil. 

Supported specific models coils ​for modification 

  • Upon request Detech - Coiltek - NEL - CORS

Custom estimates available pricing subject to requirements and survey of machine. 

Do you have en existing compatible coil, are you worried about fitting the coil, getting the wiring wrong, re-sealing the machine is your machine even serviceable for the task, then this is the option for you! 

Do you have an extended diving or beach shaft, we can extend your cable wiring​ pricing on request

Please note we always recommend regular service of your machine, why not get your machine serviced while when we fit your coil, free estimate as long as you proceed with a mod, repair or service. ( terms and conditions apply) ( postage not included)

Fixed coil example 1 - coil already owned by you?

( single non removable fitting from only £180.00 Inc VAT ) 

Fixed coil example 2 - Supply and fit Minelab 10 inch

( single non removable fitting from only £310.00 Inc VAT ) 

Removable coil example 3 -  fit customers Coiltek coil

( 2 x customers coil removable fitting from only £509.00 Inc VAT ) 

Removable high quality coil mod, example includes sale and supply of 1 x Nel attack coil & modification

( Removable fitting two coils existing and new as detailed below from only £753.95 Inc VAT ) 

Excalibur: Do we supply or fit external connectors not approved by our engineers, the answer is no, all our connectors are fully bonded and fitted into the pod end cap we do not feel the existing external connectors provide good value for money and do not perform to the level and quality we expect, and therefore do not conform to our high standards for provision of service and repair / modifications, therefor we only use high quality components in our modifications.

Example pricing with Nel Attack coil upgrade.

Removable Coil Modification

This exceptional high grade premium mod is available at a promotional price of £753.95 inc VAT international delivery available no VAT but please note import taxes may apply check with your local customs. 

Pricing £753.95 is based on an Excalibur II with existing coil INCLUDES  Nel attack includes UK and Europe shipping ask for shipping worldwide.

Other models or mods please ask for an estimate - Email address required

Warranty, please note modifications to new products and those products covered under manufacturer's warranty, will invalidate your manufacturer warranty, the majority of machines we modify are out of warranty

It is important to maintain your Excalibur. seals will perish or harden over time and potentially if not regularly maintained lead to flooding and possible destruction of the unit, get in touch for more information. 

Ask us about Lunatek's extended warranties and service plans - ask for an estimate today 

Alex Kirk Technical Director

Interchangeable coil modification example:

Coil Ear Repairs

Yes we can repair it, have you coil ears broken on your coil, "we can rebuild them" why not ask for a quote. 

Repair and dont replace, repairs offer good value when compared to purchasing new, and you have the added satisfaction of not contributing to the rubbish build up in the world. 

Before repair 

After repair 

Custom repair of base, total rebuild of the ears using our unique system

The coil shown also had damage to the structure of the base and resin coil seal on the base, this was repaired within the cost of the ​repair free of charge. 

Prices start from £62,00 Including UK VAT ​& return postage, subject to condition and survey. 

Free estimate, just send the coil in​ - All models and manufacturers

MInelab coil repair

More modifications and repairs coming soon:


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