Minelab service leading the way in the UK and Europe

Credit where credit is due, we are not the only Minelab service center in the UK, unlike others, we Lunatek do however service all of the machines and offer prompt not (rompt) as marketed elsewhere repair and hold a full stock of machine parts. We also have a dedicated booking and tracking system, SMS and email use business grade email systems and unlike other secure our websites and your data and of course as far as service importantly pressure test Excaliburs, just some of many things we offer over and above others. We also repair machines others have failed to fix,(no ten-week repairs) our average 5- 7 days and a chargeable next on bench option is available, we offer a friendly helping hand and tea and biscuits to visitors and do not slam the door in customers faces. We always provide honest advice and don't mess you around. We have taken the time to be expertly trained and invested heavily in ensuring our engineers are able to fix every aspect of a warranty and non-warranty repair and we were invited by Minelab to assist in the UK and European market, to our knowledge at this point we are the only contracted service center. And we detect. It's really is a simple choice use the experts and get your problem fixed or spend your life bitching on the forums as many do about poor service because you choose the wrong service provider!

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  • June 13, 2017
  • News

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