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Detecting Pal is the new, easy to use body harness that takes the weight of your metal detector off your arm, shoulder and wrist. No more fatigue during and at the end of a long hunt day. Can be worn by either the right or left-handed detectorist. Length can be adjusted for your individual comfort. Slip your arm through the loop, run the strap along the top of your back and then over your swinging shoulder, slip the bungee section around your detector pole, and start swinging effortlessly for the rest of the day. Technical Specifications: Designed in the U.S.A. Elastic bungee cinch strap fits any detector “Pinch Buckle” for quick temporary removal and re-attachment of your detector. Comfortable shoulder and loop pads Nylon main straps Soft fabric construction with nylon binding Very affordable and lightweight

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Works with nearly all metal detectors, simple to use the affordable products we have been waiting for.

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